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Business Hosting

Big Apple Media Developers business website hosting plans offer an excellent solution for hosting a small business site, personal homepage or a blog. All of our website hosting New York based plans are performance tuned for hosting dynamic database powered applications and content management systems. As your website grows you can seamlessly upgrade to a larger plan without downtime or penalty fees.

Why Big Apple Media Developers?

The goal is simple: Make your site load as fast as possible, maintain the best possible up-time and make available to you a team of certified engineers who can be called on at anytime for fast and knowledgeable assistance. Here at Big Apple Media Developers based in New York, we are proud to say “Performance Hosting” is more than a slogan – it is the way we our website hosting New York based agency does business.

Need a little space? 5GB to be precise

Big Apple Media Developers offers robust web hosting services that provide our clients with the peace of mind knowing that their site is secure, reliable and most importantly, highly available. Here are some of the features of Big Apple Media Developers’ website hosting New York based services:

We operate globally diverse data centers in North America and Europe.
Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
RAID10 Protected SAS Storage 1Gigabyte 3Gigabyte 5Gigabyte
Premium Data Transfer 50Gigabyte 100Gigabyte 150Gigabyte
Domains 1 3 5
Performance Optimized Platform This is included This is included This is included
Carbon Offsetting This is included This is included This is included
Twice-Daily Managed Backups This is included This is included This is included
Server Location Houston, Texas
Monthly Fee (USD) $5.95 $9.95 $18.95
Account Setup Fee FREE Account Setup and Activation!
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 Risk Free Business Hosting

Our Business Website Hosting Plans include a full money back guarantee and all of the following features as standard.

Twice-Daily Managed Backups

For many webmasters backups are often an after thought and for a lot hosts data protection is not seen as part of the core service offering. Here at Big Apple Media Developers, backups are one of the single most important services our website design New York offer along with solid performance and no nonsense technical support.

With our fully Managed backup and recovery platform your website hosting New York based account will be backed up multiple times per day to an off-server location and give you the ability to restore your account or individual files to points in time over the past 30 days with a click of your mouse.

Website Hosting New York Based Agency