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Website Development to Web Standards

It is essential that we understand fully your objectives for any website development project so consultation and communication are paramount at Big Apple Media Developers in New York. In addition to the core functionality our web design New York team will advise you regarding Web 2.0 during the website development consultation; this means that you will be aware of the latest innovations in making the web experience interactive.

When building a new web site or redesigning and rebuilding an old one many things need to be taken into account to ensure your web site is doing the job it is meant to. Firstly we need to find out a few key things.

    • Are you selling a service or product?
    • Offering information and advice?
    • What message do you want to get across?
    • What functionality do you need or want to offer?

When we gather all this information for your new website our expert website design New York team will guide you effortlessly through these questions and more, as well as walk you through the website development processes involved in launching a new website as well as ensuring your site appears in all major browsers as it is meant to.

We bring expert creative, technical and strategic skills to every project we undertake – providing the best possible service to our clients.

Every project starts with a conversation. We consult our clients extensively to provide a site map and functionality spec that will provide a firm basis for the whole project.

We then create wire-frame layouts to illustrate how the various sections of the site will work. They are finalized in close consultation with the client. Once the layouts have been agreed, we will work from any existing brand collateral to formulate a clear look and feel for the site. Our aim is always to create a site with its own distinct identity. The final stage of the website development is mapped to the wire-frames.

We then translate the final design into a working website. Once the Content Management System (CMS) is installed, we will help you take full control of your content. When the site is populated, we apply the finishing round of amends, before testing and launch.

Website Development In New York