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The website design process is a pathway to clients, contracts, and profit.

The Website Design ProcessThe Website Design Process – First impressions have a lasting impact.  Research has shown that a website only has six seconds to win over a client.  Successful web design only happens if an agency understands your goals and can contribute to your marketing plan for your online development – so the website design process is very important.

Effective design is result driven, not just pretty pictures.  Layouts, words, and navigation all have a significant subliminal and semiotic effect on how visitors experience your website.

At Big Apple Media Developers, our website design New York team consider how your message is presented to the visitor – your potential client – to maximize the conversion success rate (from visitor to client) within these few seconds.

Our proven website design process guarantees satisfaction, prompt completion, and a comprehensive project time line that includes:

    • Strategic Marketing Consultancy
    • Concept and Time Line
    • Design  – clients can monitor the website design process in real-time and communicate with us accordingly
    • Feedback and Quality Assurance – this will carry on until the client is 100% satisfied
    • Implementation
    • Final review
    • Website Launch
    • Google indexing and site map submission
    • SEO campaign (if purchased)

Our website design New York team’s approach combines intensively researched marketing with compelling web design and a highly efficient user experience to show off your value. We have a long-term reputation for delivering on-target results with our core package of:

    • High end design
    • Search engine-friendly websites
    • Practical and efficient site navigation
    • Multiple browser & Mobile platform compatibility (less than 30% of Internet users still use Internet Explorer on a PC)

If your business demands a high quality, value-rich web presence with a dedicated support system, we are the design agency for you.

Web Design Process

Our Websites Make A Difference

The website design process at Big Apple Media Developers is designed to deliver the best solutions on time. Our process has one thing in common which is the customer. Our website design New York team design and build with the client in mind as well as what your business needs to achieve in a successful market.

Business Analysis

Gather your requirements and understand your business needs.

Market Research

Understand and research your competitors.


Build a wire frame of the design including logo branding. Review the prototype with the customer.


Design the website elements and templates.


Development and coding including database development. The core phase to implement the design into a working solution.


Test all aspects of the website using internal and external testing methods.

Going Live

Set a date to go live including handover.

SEO and Maintenance

Provide additional services for website maintenance, support and Search Engine Optimization.

 The Website Design Process