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SEO Process – New York

Many promise the dream and often deliver the nightmare. There can only be one top Google result, and only ten first page Google results.  How can you ensure that your business is one of the selected few? 

With a simple yet rigorous Search Engine OptimizationThe SEO process.

Golden Rules of SEO:


Google rankings are generated through a complex and clever algorithm. Essentially, Google looks at a wide range of criteria regarding your website, gives you a mark for each of those criteria, and then calculates an average that will define your website value in relation to a user search.

It is as if your website is constantly sitting an exam and being re-evaluated.

At Big Apple Media Developers our web design New York team’s first step is to evaluate your website for each of those criteria in comparison to the competitors websites you wish to beat in Google’s rankings using our sophisticated SEO process.

This gives us a good idea of where you are stronger and weaker than your competitors, and allows our website design New York team to implement a plan of action to bridge the gaps where you are under-performing.

Once we know where we are, and the distance there is left to cover to reach your goal, we will present you with our SEO process plan, budget required to achieve your goals, and estimated time schedules.


We will work on a number of aspects to improve your website depending on the appropriate plan of action.  However, the below elements will typically be a crucial part of the SEO process.

  • Website coding:
    How search engine friendly is your website coding? Search engines will penalize the websites that they feel do not meet current standards of coding.
  • Meta data:
    We’ve all heard about these – the magical keywords. They are extremely important, and yet only one link in the chain.  Unfortunately, you cannot present a strong challenge to your competitors purely by matching their meta tags. However, they are crucial in the sense that they are the first thing Google will scan from your website to define its theme, and therefore relevance, in relation to a user search
  • Content:
    Is your website copy amenable to both visitors AND search engines?  Believe it or not, search engines also need to “understand” your copy in their own way.  Their software will need to understand your copy, and therefore it must be written for the visitors to your website, AND consider some aspects that will facilitate search engines’ understanding of it.
  • Links from other websites to yours:
    A link to your website from someone else’s is virtually as good as a professional recommendation.  A search engine will be as impressed by this referral as a human being, and therefore react positively during searches and this is one of the most important factors in the SEO process.
  • Social media:
    More and more, Social media plays a key role in personal and business life, and  this is of course reflected in how Google assesses your popularity.  As people spend a lot of their time engaging with social media, search engines make the assumption that if you are not active yourself, and if nobody is talking about you, then you must not be very popular (or relevant.) Harsh, but true.

During the SEO process our website design New York team carefully source links in which to place your site, increasing the chances of high industry or location-specific rankings.  In addition, we submit links to a variety of sites that  already link to your competitors, including:

    • Directories
    • Blogs
    • B2B sites
    • Trade associations
    • Forums
    • Social media
    • Article based websites
    • Partner websites

Where appropriate, we also integrate your site with the Social Media world, distribute and publish articles and news releases, and create inbound linking opportunities on video sharing sites.


  • All good marketing incorporates Testing and Measuring.  How is traffic towards your website progressing? Where does it come from? What search terms have you been found with this month? Are they performing as well as expected? Do we need to work harder on  some searches or consolidate what we’ve  achieved?
  • Our SEO process service is not computer-automated.  The success of our human touch can be appraised through monthly reports and analysis of our effect on your return on investment.  Traffic, keyword efficiency, referrals and trends are compared and digested using web analytics.  If there is room for improvement, we will revise the existing strategy to restore site rankings and return on investment.

We perform Ethical SEO:

Search engines have strict rules to prevent the abuse of SEO.  During the SEO process we obey to Google terms and conditions and work within the “white-hat”, recommended best practices for search engines.

SEO Process - New York